About Us

It all started with 4 daughters & a love of shopping, obviously!

Having only ever been a mum, I decided to come out of my comfort zone and put my shopping skills to good use!


So many times I have swooned over that ‘must have’ bag only to discover the cost of it would be the same as that of a family holiday! And so, I decided to scour the earth (Italy), for a range of bang on trend bags, including the ‘It Bag’ which can be customised to suit your own style.


I have sourced the best in style and quality, to come up with this amazing range of handbags, to suit your personality, style and mood. The quality and finish is just as you would expect from our Italian friends and all of this I bring to you, for only the cost of a family lunch.


I hope you love my bags as much as I do!


Love from,

Mrs Hyde x

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